• Marine Loading Arm for sea tankers installation & commissioning.
  • Marine Loading Arm maintenance & repair.
  • Distribution Loading Arm for road & rail tankers installation & commissioning.
  • Loading Skid engineering & construction.
  • Meter trolley engineering & construction.
  • Oil & Gas equipment/accessories/spare parts supply, installation & maintenance/repair.

  • MASTERLOAD III™ is a dual microprocessor-based electronic meter register for class 1, div 1, zone 2 hazardous areas. Its primary functions include configuring the meter system to the properties of the metered liquid, interfacing with electronic components of the fuel system, and performing either wired or wireless custody transfer reporting functions.

    FlightConnect is an automated, easy-to-use data capture and data management system that streamlines and accelerates into-plane fueling operations, on the ramp and in the office. FlightConnect collects the details of each fueling and delivers them, wirelessly, to your back office accounting software.

    The FAUDI Aviation AFGUARD is a measurement system to monitor the quality of Jet Fuels. With sensors fitted at the filter water separator/filter monitor vessel inlet and outlet, the level of free water will be measured and the elements in the FWS/FM are under constant surveillance to insure their proper function.

    The FAUDI Aviation SLUGGUARD is a sensor to detect water slug in the fueling system.

    FAUDI Aviation DRAINGUARD is a fully automated drainage system for water sumps of filter water separators. It is the preferred state of the art retrofit kit including about everything needed to generate a failsafe drainage system including the water defense functionality to shut down the flow In case of excessive water.

    This loading arm is especially designed to load LNG products and is suitable for the bottom loading / unloading of road or rail tankers and meet the requirements of the OCIMF. It has a long reach and is suitable for applications where tanker connection flange cannot be accurately positioned. The handling is effortless due to the robust and high quality design of the swivel joints and precise balancing,. The stainless steel swivel joints are equipped with an interchangeable bearing module whose ball raceway can be purged with dry gas. The primary and secondary product seal enable the operator to monitor leakage during the whole operating time of the loading arm.

    Four unit have been supplied for the first Mexican LNG Terminal in the Port of Altamira. Loading Arms will be utilized for the loading and unloading of ships with a capacity of 70,000– 200,000 m³. Each unit when parked is 29 m high and weighs 65 t. It is piggable with PTFE-lined product pipe and suitable for cryogenic products. During the loading process the product pipe is cooled down to -162° C. The flow-rate is 4 000 m³/h. The entire structure of the loading arm is designed to withstand a wind speed of 200 km/h (125 miles/h).

    The design was based on the successful Marine Loading Arm B0300, to operate at pressures up to 150 bar, and the unique feature is that it can be optionally installed directly onto a CNG regas vessel. The client is Excelerate Energy. The first 12 inch CNG marine loading arm is being employed on the eastern coast of England in the port of Teesside Middlesbrough. It will transfer the compressed natural gas from the regas tanker directly into the national gas grid of Great Britain. With a daily capacity of 11.3 million cubic meters, the facility in Teesside covers circa 3 percent of England’s daily peak demand for natural gas, avoiding the need to construct additional storage tanks and regas facilities on land.


    Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK

    Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK couplers and DRY-BREAK adapters are rated for a working pressure of 85 psi (PN 6) and are available in sizes ranging from 1-inch up to 3-inch in diameter with a variety of body construction and seal materials available.

    Emco Wheaton Marine Loading Arm

    designed to serve tanker ships up to 250.000 DWT
    Models: B0030, B0034, B0300
    Sizes: 4" up to 16"
    Pressure ratings: PN 10 up to PN 40
    Materials: Carbon steel, Low temperature steel, Stainless steel
    Temperature range: -50° to +200° C

    Emco Wheaton EB2852 Bottom Loading Arm

    Developed for bottom loading of road and rail tankers, achieves excellent
    side connection using 4” Emco Wheaton API RP1004 Coupler.
    Size 4”, ANSI 150# inlet flange, arm length 1200 to 2300 mm (horizontal),
    hose length 1800 to 3900 mm (vertical), 10 bar design pressure, -40 to 50
    degree Centigrade design temperature.

    Liquid Control Avery Hardoll BM Series flowmeters

    Accurate, long life, positive displacement flowmeters
    Sizes: 2.5 inches to 6 inches
    Flow rate: up to 3870 liters per minute
    Maximum working pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)
    Test pressure: 300 psi (20.7 bar)
    Temperature range: -28°C to 100°C
    Typical accuracy: +/- 0.05%
    Repeatability: 0.02%

    Scully ST-47 Static Grounding system

    It continuously monitors the ground connection. if that connection is lost, it will non-permit. For stand-alone grounding without overfill prevention, choose the junction box with choice of Scully ground-proving plug or grounding clamp For static ground verification in conjunction with your Scully Overfill Prevention system, wire the ST-47 through your Overfill Prevention Control Monitor and plug.

    Toptech MultiLoad

    Microprocessor based electronic preset designed for batch delivery of liquids Division-1 and Division-2 enclosure options with an active matrix QVGA display and numeric keypad. 10/100 MBPS Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232 ports

    RedSeal Neptune Massflow and PD Meters

    Suitable for LPG and Refined Fuels. For Terminal installation or Truck mounted.

    Todogas Drybreak Coupling

    Stainless Steel, LPG application.

    Meggitt Whittaker new F145 Pressure refuelling Nozzles

    S maller and lighter in weight, yet maintains the strength, durability and robust design characteristics of the F116/F117 and HU3000/HU4000 series nozzles. The F145 provides a positive leak-tight connection to the aircraft adapter during fuelling operations.

    MTG 2800i Servo Gauge

    Custody transfer tank gauging applications, exceeds the requirements of UK W&M standards. ±1 mm level accuracy.

    GNY Floating Suction Arms

    Deliver a cleaner product by drawing the fluid closest to the surface, maintain an undisturbed tank bottom, eliminating water and sediments from aviation fuel and other liquids.

    SafeRack safe access system

    The access platforms and stairs provide safe access to the tops of road and railcar, while the safety cage ensures superior fall protection for the operator, once on top of the tanker. The ErectAStep system is ideal for crossovers that allow safe and easy access over pipes, dike walls and other obstructions.

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